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Resume writing

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Resume writing

CV stands for curriculum vitae (“course of life”). CVs are comprehensive by design. Think of them as the encyclopedia version of your professional life, spanning your work history, education, certifications, affiliations, publications, and specializations. They can extend well beyond three or four pages.

In the United States, CVs are typically limited to professions with standardized positions in which deep expertise is critical, such as academia, science, and medicine. These CVs are filled with expanded education sections, work history, internships, speaking gigs, teaching appointments, journal publications, and other details that establish credibility.

Resumes are used across most industries and are relatively short at just one or two pages long. That’s because resumes aren’t meant to include every detail of your past experience. Your resume should be tailored and updated based on the specifics of each job to which you apply. Irrelevant duties from past jobs can be removed to save space and drawn more attention to your most applicable skills and accomplishments.